Monday, August 23, 2010

Brown Family Reunion 2010

This weekend we all packed up to head to Pine Valley for the annual Brown Family reunion.
It was so good to see everybody. Here is Bridgette hauling Easton around.
At noon on Saturday we had orders to be back at camp from fishing. Mom had set up a minute to win it game. We all got to take a turn, and had a fun time. We started off with little ones doing the ho la hoop. This is Brynlee.
Of course this is when all the cameras came out. Caught Tifany taking my picture.
Steve Jordan and Hunter pulled tissues one by one with only one hand out of the box.
This is Ben just happy to watch.
Ty Kailin and Chloe had to throw a ball through a hoop tied in a tree.
Chloe ready to make the shot.
Sam had to balance a ping pong ball on a measuring tape to the different glasses.
DaNae was second it was a family battle.
Mom Braxton and Bryce got to balance an oreo on their foreheads and using their facial muscles they moved it to their mouth. I don't think any of them actually did it.
Brigham B.J. Jamie Shane Daxton and Trey all had tissue boxes taped to their behinds. They were full of ping pong balls that they had to shake and dance around until they came out. My favorite one! Mainly because I didn't have to do it.
Raelene and Zander had to bounce ping pong balls of different colors into glasses with water. The goal was to get three of the same color in a row. Like tick tack toe.
Dad and Minnette had to use only their hands to get the coins out of the bottom of the pantyhose. I think this is the only time you will see my dad in pantyhose.
The leftovers. That was anyone who had not played yet. Got to unroll a roll of toilet paper with one hand in under a minute.
After the games some of us took naps.
Taggart looked like he drank some gatorade.
Saula played her guitar for us. She wrote all the songs. She is awesome with her guitar.
Some helped cook dinner. Yummy dutch oven and BBQ chicken.

Grandma Brown joined us for dinner and Hollywood squares.
This is my dad being lazy. It doesn't happen very often so I thought I would snap a picture.
Bridgette and Darren waiting to eat.
All in all it was a great weekend! Thanks everyone for coming! Thanks mom for putting it together.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Time!

Sorry this is all I got on my camera.

Brigham and Nat

Since mom has a new camera you will have to wait for the better pictures! We had a great time at mom and dad's. The kids love their pillows and I am excited to finally have my picture!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for my very large family!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Party 2009

We all went out to moms last night for the annual Halloween party! We love to get together each year and bob for apples, carve pumpkins, and Grandma always has a new Halloween game to play! Thanks for a wonderful party mom! Sorry we missed Brian and Family, Tifany and Family, and B.J.!

Grandma made witch's brew. The kids and some adults couldn't get enough!

Even little kids got to carve the pumpkins. They all had a ball!

Kailin's carved pumpkin. Thanks Grandma!

Phoebe and Todd with their pumpkin guts!

Nice apron Uncle Brigham!

Ryan, Celeste, and Ben carving pumpkins. Yes, Ben was the only one to cut himself. All bleeding stops eventually!

You would not believe how hard it is to get 22 pumpkins in a row and all lit at the same time. We did it!

Lining up the pumpkins for the lighting!

Chloe, Kaleb, and Daxton with their pumpkins.

Ryan and Ricky with their pumpkins.

Lau with his pumpkin. I wonder if he wants to be a football player for Halloween. Cheap costume! lol

Chandler and Phoebe (sorry about the spelling) with their pumpkins!

The annual dunking for apples. Go Trey boy!

Alex reaching in Grandma's treasure chest full of witch's brains for his treasure!

My what big lips you have Easton!

Braxton, Brynlee and Kailin showing off their treats from Grandma's treasure chest!

Happy Haunting!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break Hike!

Someone likes hiking a little too much! Grandma even did her workout before we left. You go Grandma!

Grandpa would carry one grandchild down and come up for the next then back on down. He was so tired he slept in. I know I almost can't believe it myself.

Ryan made it to the top!

Uncle Brigham letting his arms rest after carrying the 2 girls.

Grandpa Say "CHEESE!"

Grandma herding the pack along!